School Photos by Elite Team Photography

What can you expect on your school's picture day?

We bring over four decades of experience to ensure we capture team and individual photos you - and parents - will love!

From Pre-K to high school seniors, our team has the skills to quickly and efficiently capture fantastic images while keeping a fun environment for everyone!

Together we will plan your school's picture day, ensuring we respect the time of your teachers and students alike.

  • 100% private online galleries

  • Online ordering, with free delivery to school, or direct shipping options

  • Free photos for teachers

  • Free class composite for all students

  • No paper forms!

  • 10% donation to the school

What is our organization responsible for on picture day?

Running an organization is hard enough - we want to make picture day as easy for YOU as possible! Prior to our picture day, we'll work with you to create a timeline for your classes, and to gather the info we'll need to make school pictures as easy for YOU as possible!

We'll arrive at our pre-determined setup time and get to work! We'll provide every student/family with the access code for the gallery.

What if a family doesn't intend to order any photos?

There is no commitment to buy - every kid is welcomed and encouraged to participate in picture day! And we don't want a class photo missing a student! We encourage every student to participate, regardless of their intent to order any photos.

How will families order their photos?

We attempt to make our ordering process 100% online. Our ordering system is intuitive - it's designed to be ordered via mobile phone! Any family that needs support to complete their order is welcome to reach out to our team for assistance, and we are happy to help anyone with accessibility issues.

How will families receive their photos?

We'll organize photos by class and schedule a delivery time to the school office for distribution. Parents also have the ability to choose to pay for direct shipping. This avoids the potential confusion between orders placed by separated parents, or out of state grandparents who've ordered photos, and eliminates responsibility on the kids to safely transport photos!

Who can see our photos?

Privacy is incredibly important to us. If you look around our site, there are zero references to any schools we photograph or any way to access student photos. We create a unique code for each subject, which is sent via email to the parents/guardians.

Any photos featured on our website are with the express written permission from their parents.

Can we include our staff?

Absolutely! We want to photograph your entire staff, and we'll provide free prints for all staff members!

Can you provide images for our yearbook?

Of course! We provide a file with images in the industry standard format for yearbooks.

Need a yearbook solution? We can help with that too!

Can you photograph our sports teams or other events?

We sure can! We can provide a media day for your school's sports teams! We also photograph events like First Holy Communion for parochial schools.

Do you have any fundraising opportunities?

Absolutely! We donate 10% of sales back to your organization, and we have opportunities for additional fundraising too!

Button sales, magnets, keychains, and more - let's talk!