Why choose Elite Team Photos?

What can you expect on your team's picture day?

We bring over four decades of experience to ensure we capture team and individual photos you - and parents - will love!

From Varsity-level athletes who are seasoned pros at striking a pose to pee-wee and special needs athletes and students who need a bit more direction and patience, we'll take care of everything!

Together we will plan your organization's picture day, ensuring we respect the time of your athletes and coaches.

What is our organization responsible for on picture day?

Running an organization is hard enough - we want to make picture day as easy for YOU as possible! Prior to our picture day, we'll create a timeline for your teams, and we'll send you communications/email fliers for you to forward to your organization.

We'll arrive at our pre-determined setup time and get to work! We'll provide every student/family with the access code for the gallery.

What if a family doesn't intend to order any photos?

There is no commitment to buy - every kid is welcomed and encouraged to participate in picture day! And we don't want a team photo missing players! We encourage every athlete or student to participate, regardless of their intent to order any photos.

How will families order their photos?

We attempt to make our ordering process 100% online. Our ordering system is intuitive - many families will complete their entire order via mobile phone. Any family that needs support to complete their order is welcome to reach out to our team for assistance and we are happy to help anyone with accessibilities issues.

How will families receive their photos?

We are happy to deliver photo orders to you for distribution, but most organizations prefer direct shipping to customers' homes. This avoids the potential confusion between orders placed by separated parents, out of state grandparents who've ordered photos, and eliminates responsibility on the kids to safely transport photos!

Who can see our photos?

Each organization will have a special code for their picture day - only individuals with that code will be able to view, order, or download those images. We do not publish these photos publicly without permission from parents.

Need additional security for your organization? Ask us about individual galleries - each athlete will have a gallery that contains their individual and team photos. This is available at no additional cost.

Can we include our sponsors on team photos?

Absolutely! We'd love to include any sponsors on your team photos - and these make a great 'Thank You!' gift for your the businesses that support your organization.

Do you have any fundraising opportunities?

Absolutely! We donate a % of sales back to your organization, and we have opportunities for additional fundraising too! Button sales, magnets, and keychains - let's talk!